Cities with Great Surfing Spots

Cities with Great Surfing Spots

Ever wondered where to Surf in Morocco ? Here we got listed for you the best Surfing…

Ever wondered where to Surf in Morocco ? Here we got listed for you the best Surfing Spots in Morocco !

1- Taghazout 

  Anchor point is really the wave of the area. Legendary amongst surfers across the world Anchor is a long, perfect peeling right hander that reels its way down the point for up to 1km and handles some serious swell. Anchor can get crowded and is only really suitable for competent surfers. When it’s small the take-off zone is tight but on bigger swells the crowd gets spread a bit thinner, particularly as the length of the ride can make for some spaghetti arm paddle-backs! Score Anchor right and you’ll get some of the best waves of your life. Getting in and out – watch and learn! 

  Hash Point is a fun, short, right hand point break that got its name from the surfers who got too stoned to go anywhere else. Hash point can be a little fickle. When it’s working though, it tends to be pretty quiet and it’s a delight to snag a few decent wally right handers all to yourself from time to time!

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2- Essaouira 

On an almost rocky island surrounded by forests overlooking the ocean, Essaouira and its region appeal to sporty travelers and nature lovers. Essaouira has a reputation for a site much more conducive to wind activities than wave sports, it is sometimes the case the beginnings of summer and spring afternoons in a normal seasonal cycle (it’s been a few years we did not have any classic seasons). And it is better that the place keeps its reputation of windy region, it does not disturb the calm of all the mornings, nor the sunsets of windy days, nor the sweetness of the very beautiful and classic weeks of waves very little windy, let alone the beauty of glassy or off-shore line-ups of autumn and winter. 


If your passion for surfing combines with the love of landscape and nature, then Imsouane is your destination. Small village located between Ocean and desert, it is very famous for fishing and offers a landscape embellished by the Argan trees.

It is a rural commune in the prefecture of Agadir, located 100 km north of the city. Surfing in Imsouane includes two spots namely the REEF characterized by a hollow wave up to 5-6 meters high in winter; and the BAY (paradise of longboarders), flat wave taking place over a length of more than 800 meters.